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What are the common aluminum ingots?

Aluminum ingot according to different composition divided into remelting aluminum ingot, high purity aluminum ingot and aluminum alloy ingot three; According to the shape and size, it can be divided into bar ingot, round ingot, plate ingot, T-shaped ingot and so on.

Several common aluminum ingots are as follows:

Aluminum Ingots for Remelting --15kg, 20kg (≤ 99.80% AL) :

T-shaped Aluminum Ingots --500kg, 1000kg (≤ 99.80% AL) :

High purity aluminum ingot -- L0kg, 15kg (99.90% ~ 99.999% AL);

Aluminum alloy ingot --10kg, 15kg (Al--Si, Al--Cu, Al--Mg);

Board ingot -500 ~ 1000kg (for plate making);

Round ingot --30 ~ 60kg (for drawing).

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