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What are the application fields of magnesium

Magnesium is commonly used as a reducing agent to replace titanium, zirconium, uranium, beryllium and other metals. Mainly used in the manufacture of light metal alloys, ductile cast iron, scientific instruments and Grignard reagents. Can also be used for making fireworks, flash powder, magnesium salt, getter, flare, etc. Structural characteristics similar to aluminum, has a variety of light metal uses, can be used as aircraft, missile alloy material. But magnesium is flammable at the gasoline ignition point, which limits its use.

Medical use: Treatment of magnesium deficiency and spasms.

Sports Use: Injected magnesium compounds a few hours before or after intense exercise to compensate for magnesium loss. Gymnasts often apply basic magnesium carbonate to increase friction. In medicine: If magnesium salt is injected too quickly, it can cause fever and general malaise.

Magnesium reacts with most nonmetals and acids; It can synthesize magnesium hydride directly with hydrogen under high pressure. Magnesium can react with halogenated hydrocarbon to synthesize Grignard reagent, which is widely used in organic synthesis. Magnesium has a clear tendency to form coordination compounds.

Magnesium is an important material in aviation industry. Magnesium alloys are used in the manufacture of aircraft fuselage and engine parts. Magnesium is also used to make photographic and optical instruments; Magnesium and its alloys are also widely used in non-structural applications. Magnesium, as a strong reducing agent, is also used in the production of titanium, zirconium, beryllium, uranium and hafnium.

The strength of pure magnesium is small, but magnesium alloy is a good lightweight structural material, widely used in space technology, aviation, automotive and instrument industries. Magnesium is an indispensable component of incendiary bombs and flares; Magnesium powder is the essential raw material of festival fireworks; Magnesium is used as a structural or packaging material in the nuclear industry. Magnesium fertilizer can promote the absorption and utilization of phosphorus in plants, while the growth of magnesium deficient plants tends to stagnate. Magnesium is a basic material that plays an important role in people's lives.

Plant use: Magnesium is found mainly in young organs and tissues, and in seeds when plants mature. Magnesium ion can activate various phosphate transgenic enzymes and phosphate kinases during photosynthesis and respiration. Magnesium also activates DNA and RNA synthesis. Magnesium is one of the synthetic components of chlorophyll. In the absence of magnesium, chlorophyll cannot be synthesized, and the veins remain green and turn yellow, sometimes reddish purple, between the veins. If magnesium deficiency is severe, brown spot necrosis is formed. It is present in plants in the form of ions or organic compounds. Magnesium, a component of chlorophyll and an activator of many enzymes, is the main counterpart of hydrogen ions in photophosphorylation.

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