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What kinds of copper are there

Copper conductors consist of a single copper wire or multiple copper wires, respectively described as follows:

Hard copper wire: it is cold-processed by extension wire and has high tensile strength. It is suitable for the conductor of overhead power transmission lines, distribution wires and construction wires.

Soft copper wire: it is made of hard copper wire by heating to remove the residual stress caused by cooling processing. It is flexible and flexible, and has high electrical conductivity. It is used to make conductors of communication and electric cables, electrical machinery and various kinds of household appliances.

Semi-hard copper wire: tensile strength between hard copper wire and soft copper wire, used for wiring overhead wires and wiring of radio.

Tin-coated copper wire: the copper wire is coated with tin to increase solderability and protect the copper conductor from corrosion when PVC or rubber insulation is taken out, and prevent aging of rubber insulation.

Flat Angle copper wire: square or rectangular copper wire, used for induction coils such as large transformers or motors.

Oxygen free copper wire: high purity copper wire with oxygen content below 0.001%, copper content above 99.99%, no oxygen embrittlement, used to make vacuum tube wires, semiconductor parts wires and very fine wires, etc.

Enameled wire: copper wire is softened, the surface is coated with insulating paint, and it is generally divided into natural resin and synthetic resin enameled wire.

Copper wire: Conductor of flat, very thin copper wire wound on fiber wire.

Copper-clad steel: generally used for signal transmission on the coaxial line; Hard wire has higher tensile strength, in mountain areas, across rivers and other long distance to be used as overhead wire, according to its copper thickness, general conductivity 21%, 30%, 40%, etc..

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