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What are the uses of lead

Lead is a raw material for batteries, cables, bullets and ammunition, and an additive in gasoline. Lead compounds are used as raw materials for paints, glass, plastics and rubber. Because metal lead has excellent acid and alkali corrosion resistance, it is widely used in manufacturing chemical and metallurgical equipment. Lead alloys are used as bearings, movable type gold and solder materials. In addition, lead has opened up some new uses. If used as a stabilizer of asphalt, to extend the service life of the road surface; It is used in the manufacture of nuclear power plant shielding and nuclear waste storage tanks, high power storage batteries for load adjustment in the electric sector, and magnetohydrodynamic devices.

Lead is one of the earliest metals refined by man. It was discovered and used as early as 3000 BC.

Lead-acid battery (referred to as lead-acid battery) has a history of more than 150 years, because of its low price, mature technology, reliable performance and other advantages, has become the chemical power supply in large output, widely used secondary battery, has been widely used in a variety of social production and life for a long time. Lead-acid batteries are charged and discharged by using solid phase phase of different valence states of lead. When the battery is discharged, the active substances of the two electrodes are transformed into PBSO4 respectively. When the battery is charged, the reaction goes in the direction of reverse reaction, and electrolyte sulfuric acid is an active substance. The positive and negative electrode reactions are suitable for solution-precipitation mechanisms rather than solid ion transfer or membrane formation mechanisms. The standard cell voltage of lead-acid batteries under room greenhouse pressure is 2.1 V.

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