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What is electrolytic copper

Electrolytic copper is simply electrolytic purification of copper. The product after purification is called electrolytic copper, also known as cathode copper.

Crude copper (containing 99% copper) was used as anode and pure copper (99.95%) as cathode. Crude copper was dissolved in a mixture of sulfuric acid and copper sulfate as electrolyte. After electrification, the proper adjustment of potential difference can make copper ions move from the anode solution to the cathode, and obtain electrons after reaching the cathode and precipitate higher purity copper in the cathode, so the copper precipitated in this way is also called cathode copper. Impurities such as gold and silver are deposited at the bottom of the electrolytic cell.

The copper plate produced in this way (cathode copper) is called "electrolytic copper" with extremely high purity (99.99%), which can be used to make electrical products (mainly for conducting purposes, stable performance).

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